Monday, October 3, 2011

Year's final paddle rich in history

By David Horst

Starting Octoberfest morning with a leisurely paddle seemed like an attractive idea when we planned the Fox-Wisconsin Heritage Paddle 2011 schedule over the winter.

It must have looked even better when people threw up the blinds Saturday morning. The 6.4-mile canoe and kayak trip from Appleton's Lutz Park, through the four Appleton navigational locks and to Kimberly's Sunset Point Park, put 119 boats on the water, carrying at least 150 people.
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This was the last in a series of eight organized paddle trips this year on the Fox and Lower Wisconsin rivers.

The day started with a heavy fog hanging over the river. Knowing it would burn off by the 9:30 a.m. launch made it all the more beautiful. A few kayaks were in the water when I arrived, colorful ghosties floating between fog and river.