Monday, June 18, 2018

Upper Fox 2018

Northeast Wisconsin Padders (NEWP) organized a weekend paddle on the weekend of May 19-20.

Saturday, we launched at the White River Dam, near Princeton, and traveled the 13 miles to River Side Park in the City of Berlin, WI.  Due to heavy rain and snowmelt, the Fox River was very high. At the takeout, we cruised over submerged sidewalks and pulled up directly on the grass. 

Sunday, we launched where we had finished the day before and paddled another 13 miles to Omro, with a lunch stop at the Berlin Dam. For my money, this is the most beautiful stretch of the Fox.

Photos by Ron Starkey

Monday, May 21, 2018

Season's first paddle had some on, some in the Waupaca River

The Waupaca River delivers one more class 1 rapids at the end.

By David Horst 

It has to be said. We got some people wet.

The kickoff to the North East Wisconsin Paddlers 2018 Public Paddle series on May 5 was a little more challenging than our usual afternoon outings on a lazy river.

We opened the season with a segment of the Waupaca River from County Q to Brainard's Bridge Park, just upstream of the City of Waupaca. It includes a few sections classified as class 1 rapids, the lowest category in the whitewater rating scale.

Ken plays in the segment's final rapids
The pre-trip description on our website ( warned that this trip was not for novices. As a result, our count was held down to 23 participants -- both when we launched and when we took out. We encouraged people to leave the bent wood and Kevlar kayaks at home and dig up the old plastic beater instead. It was good advice.

My trusty old Perception Carolina took a hard smack from rocks on both sides. The acrylic-covered plastic that it's made of absorbed the punishment without damage. I also got hung up on a rock at one point and trapped by a downed tree at another. But I stayed dry.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Back to back

Coming soon: Another story in Wisconsin Natural Resources Magazine.
This one tells the story of Howard Greene's journals of canoe trips
taken in the early 1900s with "The Gang."